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It’s Hard Leaving a Place You Love

I have been working at Digitas since August 22, 2005.  That date is burned in my mind.

And I’m not alone.  Many people at Digitas know their start date.  We walk around with it projected over our heads like we’re in a cholesterol commercial.

Your anniversary is something to celebrate - often more than birthdays.  It marks the day you began working towards something great - alongside so many bright and talented people.  It’s the date you officially started drinking the Kool-Aid.

Still, even after 8 years, everything can just be distilled down to the basics.

Therefore, I offer two lists to sum up my feelings about this extraordinary company.



List #1: “Things I will miss about Digitas”

The brand

Our incredible clients

- The Social, Mobile & Content teams – changing the industry one day at a time

The passion and drive that is inside all of us

The spirit of invention we work so hard to build and maintain

The 2014 NewFront (planning starts…NOW!)

- The Corporate Communications team – the best in the industry

- Kalustyan’s and Lamazou

- Izzy

The 4th floor lobby in NYC (Is it just me? It’s like a spa in there.)




List #2: “Things I won’t miss about Digitas”

- Lotus Notes


(List #2 is pretty short)

For me, my experience at Digitas all comes down to the people.  The talented, driven, passionate, caring, fair, empathetic, fun-loving, insightful, risk-taking, forward-thinking people.  They are the best I have worked with to-date in my career and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity.

It’s hard leaving a place you love.

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